A Beautiful BABE RUTH Autograph Will Be Offered In This Months HISTORY & CULTURE Auction

A Beautiful BABE RUTH Autograph Will Be Offered In This Months HISTORY & CULTURE Auction

Lot#1: Babe Ruth Pristine Autographed Card Presented in Original Charles Hamilton Red Wax Sealed Frame

Estimate: $8,000.00-$10,000.00 

This month’s History & Culture auction contains its usual span of impressive autographs, ephemera, artifacts, documents, and memorabilia, but one piece in particular is sure to steal bids this auction. We're thrilled to share that we'll be featuring a coveted Babe Ruth autograph this month. This authentic Babe Ruth autograph is a treasure sure to capture the attention of sports and history fans alike. 




This framed display measures 13.25 x 10" and contains a protective anti-glare glass glazing. It is perfect for preserving the treasure enclosed. Inside the display is the autographed off-white card signed by Babe Ruth. On the frame's backside, you'll find an original Charles Hamilton Certification of Authenticity label, complete with Hamilton's distinguished wax seal, verifying its authenticity. Though the paper backing exhibits partial cracking along the edges, it remains fully intact and sealed. Original framed displays from Hamilton, revered as "The Father of the Autograph Industry," are seldom encountered and invariably ignite fervent interest among collectors.

Charles Hamilton, Jr. (December 24, 1913 – December 11, 1996) was a distinguished American paleographer, renowned for his expertise in handwriting and prolific authorship in historical literature. Credited with coining the term "philography," he authored numerous significant works in this field and was recognized as a leading authority. Check out our blog post featuring a Hamilton Wax Seal here.  




The Great Bambino's bold and pristine signature, proudly displayed within a 3.75 x 2" visible area, exudes Ruth's distinct flair and represents a piece of sports history and nostalgia. Skillfully double linen matted, it is complemented by a hand-colored portrait of Ruth, likely a vintage postcard. With its unparalleled prestige and timeless appeal, it's a surefire winner that's guaranteed to elevate any collection to legendary status.




The "Sultan of Swat" is one of the most iconic figures in baseball history. Born George Herman Ruth Jr on February 6, 1895, he is known for his remarkable career as a professional baseball player, particularly for his achievements as a slugger and outfielder in Major League Baseball (MLB).  On Aug. 16, 1948, just two months after he appeared at Yankee Stadium to have his No. 3 retired by the Yankees, Ruth passed away at the age of 53. Babe Ruth is remembered as a baseball icon whose talent, charisma, and impact on the game continue to resonate with fans and players alike, decades after his retirement.  

Don't strike out on this incredible opportunity!  Place your bids this month in our March History and Culture Auction to own a piece of history that's as valuable as it is legendary.


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